The Solar Energy

Global warming has become a reality for everyone as it makes a significant and harmful impact to our Climate, Community and Health. However, the world has realized that the practical solutions can be found in eco-friendly energy sources that could dramatically reduce the global warming. In this context, the Sun is becoming our energy tomorrow. It is clean, infinite, unlimited, free and eco-friendly.

The Solar energy becomes our most reliable source of renewable energy that could produce energy without negative impacts on ourselves and the environment.

Moving towards this noble goal, the Eleven Engineering & Constructions (Pvt) Ltd is positioned to drive the next wave of innovation in the Sri Lankan Solar PV industry, a source of energy that can energize our country with no harm to the planet and the future of our children.

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How Solar PV systems work?

• The Sun – Provides free, direct energy in the form of sunlight every day
• Solar Array – PV Solar panels collect sunlight and convert it into DC electricity
• Inverter – Converts DC power produced by the array into AC power into your home
• Mounting Structure – Equipment designed to securely attach each Solar panel to your property
• Electrical Meter – Utility device that measures the flow of electricity. Net-metering makes this a bi-directional measurement
• Utility Grid – Network of equipment transforming power consumers to power producers
• Monitor – Gather analytics for system performance and show what your panels are producing

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