Eleven E & C (Private) Limited is a member of Eleven Group. A fully-pledged solar EPC service provider registered at Sri Lanka Sustainable Energy Authority (SLSEA).

It is not merely the sales of solar photovoltaic systems; we are determined to bring the latest innovations of the solar industry in to our country with optimum advantages for our end users to privilege the free & clean electricity powered by Swiss technology.

We introduce you durable and most efficient double-glass and glass-foil pv modules exclusively with high efficient monocrystalline cells with a linear performance warranty of 35 years. We foresee that the commonly used panels with polycrystalline cells in our country would be outdated in the fast developing circumstances of the global solar industry.

Our double-glass solar modules are frame-less and tailor made. They can be integrated for several applications, either horizontal rooftop or vertical facades curbing the cost for roofing sheets and claddings of any domestic or commercial building envelop. Our modules are made by one of the renowned European manufacturers in Switzerland – Megasol, titled for the best solar module manufacturer of the year 2018.

Our pv modules are;

  • Made in Deitingen – Switzerland
  • Meet the highest aesthetic demand of your building envelop
  • Applied as safety glass for overhead glazing/ canopies and facades
  • Specially monkeys run safe, therefore no worries for micro cracks
  • High performance stability and maximum efficiency
  • Nano-finished solar glass with anti-reflective surface
  • Optimize low-light performance
  • Based on 100{a536460fcde2f69baf87eb421bb3a7c78e049981669cd82475a9319ff0058261} silicon
  • Full traceability of all raw materials

Double-glass Technology for BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaic

There is a distinction between two types of solar modules. The glass-film and glass-glass modules. In glass-glass types, two panes are combined into one solar module. They become laminated safety glass and thereby a unique property of freely designed building material applicable on various contemporary building envelops.

The front and back glass in combination with durable and high quality encapsulation material protect the components from vapor penetration. In the neutral zone between the panes, the cells remain be stress-free. No compression or bending and prevent the occurrence of so-called micro cracks in the cells which will result the module a potential lifespan of over 50 years. Our glass-glass modules are manufactured at a state-of the-art production facility with latest technology in Deitingen, Switzerland.

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