Why Choose Us?

Eleven Solar brings you high efficient, reliable and customized Solar PV systems to enjoy the free & clean electricity powered by German technology. Our modules been awarded for one of the top PV brands and the best Solar module of the year 2018 & 2019 in Europe.

We introduce Building Integrated Photovoltaics – BIPV and modules exclusively 60 Cells Mono-PERC and the industry leading 35 years’ product warranty and 35 years’ linear performance guarantee from the manufacturer ensuring your investment in Solar electricity is well-secured.

The Double-Glass Solar modules are optionally frame-less and tailor made. Ideally integrated on rooftops and facades that can avoid the cost for roofing sheets and cladding.


Our Solar Modules;

  • Glass-film made exclusively in Prenzlau – Germany since 2001
  • Glass-glass BIPV made exclusively in Europe under German & Swiss know-how
  • BIPV are safe for monkeys overrun, therefore no worries for micro cracks
  • Integrated overhead glazing/ canopies and facades
  • Meet highest aesthetic view of the building
  • High performance stability and maximum efficiency
  • Nano-finished Solar glass with anti-reflective surface
  • Optimized low-light performance
  • Based on 100% Silicon
  • Full traceability of all raw materials

Double-glass Technology – BIPV 

There is a distinction between two types of Solar modules. The Glass-film and Glass-glass. In Glass-glass modules, two panes are combined into one Solar module and made in to laminated safety glass. It becomes a unique property of freely designed building material integrated on modern building envelops.

The front and back glass in combination with durable high quality encapsulation material protect the components from vapor penetration. In the neutral zone between the panes, the Solar cells remain be stress-free. No compression or bending and prevent the occurrence of so-called micro cracks in cells by which, the module will lead to a potential lifespan of over 50 years. Our Glass-glass Solar modules are manufactured at the state-of-the-art production facilities with modern Technology exclusively in Europe.

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